Julie's Cafe was in the works for many years leading up to its opening in the spring of 2012. When her children were younger, Julie would create menus for them at home and play "restaurant" so they felt like her customers. Later, Julie would host cafe nights, special occasions when she would open up her home or some other space to host members of the community for a night of great food, fellowship, and music. Though it may not have been evident at the time, all of this prepared Julie to achieve her ultimate dream -- opening her own cafe.   

Julie knew that managing and running a cafe would be hard work, especially since she intended only to serve food and drinks that she would serve her own family. For this reason, she buys only the highest-quality ingredients and will not serve items if she is not satisfied with the ingredients she finds. She makes sure that all her employees have this same heart for the customers, so that everyone who comes to visit feels like they are receiving excellent service and food.

Julie's Cafe is not just a cafe or a neighborhood hangout spot. Julie's Cafe is unique because it is meant to be a place like home. Not only will you be welcomed by a cozy atmosphere, handpicked decor, and great music, you will also be able to consume healthy, high-quality food.